1443E Heavy Duty Brake Shoe Kit

Newstar # s-25294


Eaton ES Front Brake System
New, No Core
NS301 Lining – Comparable To 23K & 312 Lining
Consists Of 2 Shoes & Hardware Kit
Length: 15”(38.1cm
Width: 4”(10.16cm)
Weight: 20lbs.

Replacement Number
Replacement for BENDIX
Replacement for Freightliner
Replacement for HALDEX
Replacement for INDUSTRY NUMBER
Replacement for Meritor
1443E TDA XK2121443E 1443E.23 HAR1443E
HAR-1443E S 1443E 1443EC8T MPG-1443E
ATX25294 1443E-RC GTP1443E ATP25294
ETP-NK1443E23PR GTS1443E 25294SS GTSS-25294